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The software industry together with the writing industry have collaborated to come up with a soft ware that is enable to generate essays whenever a client urgently needs them. It is now easy to generate an essay online if one is in a very urgent situation to get one. It is not always easy to find writers using their physical address at a given moment. The writers write many different assays in many different topics and save them in software. Once a client is need of a certain essay, he or she needs to use the essay generator and generate the particular essay he or she needs. This is quite fast and it saves so much time for the client.

The software has enables the availability of numerous essays online which can be downloaded freely. Some of the essays are not offered freely and the client must pay a certain fee to be able to download them. It all depends on the topic and the kind of essay that the client needs. The writers too have had the opportunity to produce as many essays as possible, which are saved electronically. Different companies have developed this software and this is the reason why there are millions of essays online from different companies. The essays are so helpful because they assist students learn vital skills that enable them in writing their own essays. They use the essays online as examples to assist in writing different kind of essays. Students will have no difficulties trying to write a certain type of essay because all they need is to access the particular essay format online and use it tow write the essay within the best format.

Students therefore do not need to rely much on their teachers to teach them on how to write a particular essay because they are able to learn the many different writing styles online.